WordCamp Boulder 11 a.m. update

I’m attending WordCamp Boulder today, and as of now I’ve seen a couple of sessions. I have to say the Caching talk was quite informative and entertaining, and on a personal note was a source of some working nginx rewrite rules for WP Super Cache. Thanks to vocecommunications.com‘s Chris and Sean for an entertaining and informative talk. The only complaint I have is that the venue, TechStars’ office environment, was way too small for the group that attended. Don’t think that’s anyone’s fault, just the downside of an awesome talk with great attendance.

The second talk I attended focused on design. Some of the interesting notes I took away from that were that talk were to avoid ‘lorem ipsum’ default content, design for mobile by creating scalable CSS, and that designers should know at least HTML and CSS, even if they’re just ‘frontend’ people. The lorem ipsum issue made good sense–if you don’t know what kind of content you’re designing for, it’s likely your design will be generic and not help the content stand out for what it is. It’s worth spending the time to create some sample posts that actually represent the specific content you will be showing on the production site. Along the lines of mobile styling, the design panel agreed that scaling is the best way to address the needs of diverse resolutions. As we add things like smartphones, iPads, etc., the ability to target inidividual browsers becomes cumbersome, and something like http://simplebits.com/, which uses a design that scales quite nicely from iPhone to full desktop resolution, becomes a better choice.

I’ve definitely gotten my $25 worth so far.

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