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The @thens WordPress theme is the result of tinkering with a modified version of Kubrick, known as NFOoverload, which was designed by Isaac Rowntree. The theme is a 2-column layout frontpage, with an optional single-column single post layout. @thens was designed to be light and simple, and provide easy customization. Please keep in mind that @thens is currently in version 1.0, meaning there are some additions I would like to make to improve the theme in the future. However, as of now, it tests out fine on a clean install of WordPress, and there are no known bugs.

You can check out @thens in action with some different modifications at the following links:


Update: @thens is now in version 1.1. There are a few changes made. First of all, the theme now contains (or should contain) absolutely no vestiges of the site-specific code that lives on neverblog’s version of the theme. If you find any, please let me know in the comment area below, so I can remove them. Also, a minor CSS error (archive links appear black, instead of light blue) has been fixed.


Greece and the Mediterranean


  1. Put the @thens folder in the Themes folder of your WordPress install.
  2. Activate the theme in your Presentation admin menu.

Color Scheme and Typography (CSS)

All of the colors and typography are included in the style.css sheet, with one exception: the CSS governing the images is located in the header.php file. To change your single page layout from the two-column layout to a single-column layout, simply replace the dummy if statement (‘1=1’) above the image CSS in the header.php file with the commented-out php next to it. The main colors used in the theme are blue (#0099FF), orange (#FFCC66), white, and black.

The images themselves are located in the /images/ subfolder. There are a total of three images: kubrickheader2.jpg is the main header; kubrickbgcolor.png is the gradient background; favicon.ico is of course the bookmark icon (a Greek vase). If you would like to replace the header with one of your own design, you may either replace kubrickheader2.jpg or uncomment the #headerimg line in the header.php file, name your header personalheader.jpg, and place it in the /images/ directory.

Flickr Integration

@thens is designed to work with a customized Flickr badge between the header and content of the blog. To activate this feature, simply uncomment the code at the bottom of the header.php file and replace the user=******** part at the end of the snippet with your Flickr ID (this can be found by going to Your Photos on flickr.com–your ID is the part after the “http://www.flickr.com/photos/” in the URL bar). Your latest photos will appear in the badge automatically.


I’d love to hear any feedback you might have, especially at this early stage of the theme’s development. Planned additions that are already in the works include php-to-image functions for greater flexibility in terms of fonts and styles, as well as perhaps a 3-column version.

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