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World’s most excellent spork

[simage=124,288,n,left,]A while back, I noticed that there was a fledgling industry emerging amongst camping enthusiasts for lightweight, durable titanium equipment. One of the products that caught my eye was Snow Peak’s Titanium Spork, which weighs in at almost nothing (.1 oz), yet seems to be at least as strong as any conventional metal utensil, if not stronger. Certainly, the spork is more rigid and inflexible than standard metal cutlery, and has up til now resisted any attempt I have made to bend or break it with my hands.

If you’re an avid hiker or climber, you’ve probably already seen the value of this spork. At a weight that comes in slightly under that of a single plastic spork, which can be no match for the banging and squishing that goes on in a backpack on a long hike, the Snow Peak’s spork can trim weight off your pack, and ensure that you won’t be literally stuffing that delicious rehydrated slop into your face after your plastic crap breaks.

I’d like to thank Snow Peak for sending me a free spork, and to apologize for taking 2 1/2 years to write this review of it.

Man vs Couch: It Continues…. Episode II: Couch vs Spork

The many (deadly) forms of the spork.
Anatomy of a Spork

In its quest to create the perfect eating machine, mankind has struck gold with the Spork, the combination fork-spoon utensil that allows the user to both poke and scoop food simultaneously. Today, however, the spork will face a far greater challenge than any microwave dinner or KFC meal–my couch!
That’s right, folks. My plan to destroy the couch with a Saab 9000 fell through, mainly because one of the pistons in the Saab‘s engine ‘fell’ through the engine block. In retrospect, though, I think the spork will be a tougher challenge anyway.