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Time Warner RoadRunner Internet: The Saga Ends…?

I’ve now had my new cable internet from Time Warner for about two weeks. For the first few days, the service would cut out on me intermittently, as you can read about in this article. Anyway, since I posted that last rant, my service has actually improved. Here’s how it happened:

On Sunday morning, while driving in to town, I noticed a Time Warner repair van parked in front of a telephone pole at the intersection of my street and the road to town. I pulled over and asked him if he was working on the cable lines because of a problem on my street. He said that he was checking all the connections because someone had reported a problem with their cable on my street, but that he couldn’t find anything wrong at that particular pole. He asked for my address and said he’d check the outside connection on his way out.

Ever since that point I haven’t had a single problem. We’ve had a majorly nasty snow storm drop some heavy, wet slush on us, but the last 150,000 pings to the DNS server at my work have gone through, so I think I’m in the clear. I’m pleasantly surprised enough to give them credit on this one, although I suppose it could’ve been blind luck / a coincidence. I guess I’m pretty happy for the moment, and the connection’s still nice and fast. Also going for them right now….they still haven’t sent me a bill.

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