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Shashin now has a WYSIWYG, or Is Mike Toppa a WordPress god?

I use the Shashin Picasa plugin for the photos on this site. I broke it today trying to upgrade my Tagline Rotator plugin, so I upgraded to the latest version of Shashin to try and get it working again (it did). After checking the version notes, I did a little dance–see, it used to be that you had to go into Shashin’s Tools page in your WordPress admin to get the unique ID associated with your Picasa photo in order to embed it. The main thing that attracted me to Shashin was the the wide variety of ways you can display photos, and the flexibility of the plugin to conform to different blog types, etc. However, while the notation used to insert a photo or a set of photos is simple and quick, having a WYSIWYG within the WordPress editor is very useful and a welcome addition to the plugin. I’d have to say that, for my purposes, Shashin is perfect and its author, Mike Toppa, deserves a good amount of praise for the work he’s done.