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Sausage, sage, and garlic fettucine

Last week I tried Epicurious’ recipe for Fettucine with Sausage, Sage, and Garlic. As a follow-up to the porcini mushroom pasta from the night before, it was a little bit dull, but it’s not a bad dish overall.

One thing I’ve never done before is de-skinning the sausage (removing the casing). I think this is something I’ll do now every time I make pasta with sausage, since it was a lot easier to cook evenly and eat than chunks of sausage with the skin still on them. A lot of the comments on the recipe at Epicurious mention that even the copious amount of garlic specified wasn’t enough to give the dish a seriously garlicky flavor, and I’d have to agree. As with the porcini sauce, the sharpness of the cheese is key to bringing out the flavor of the sausage and sage, so next time I’d use straight Parmesan instead of the rest of the blend left over from the night before.

I don’t think I’ll be trying this one again soon. It’s not bad, but there are plenty of other pasta recipes that I would want to try first.


Vegetarian porcini mushroom fettucine

Last week, my wife mentioned that we haven’t tried any sort of pasta since I began my Epicurious.com-based cooking experiment. I added a couple of noodle recipes into the queue, and tonight made the Fettucine with Porcini Mushroom recipe.

It’s a nice and simple recipe with just a few ingredients, and it’s quite easy to prepare. I had a bit of trouble finding the shallots at my local Hannaford, but they were worth the hunt. They give the sauce a real ‘French onion soup’ kind of taste that makes salt unnecessary. The porcini mushrooms were definitely not cheap ($5.99 for a 1 oz package), but the flavor is excellent.

One thing about the recipe that was surprising is how important a nice, sharp Parmesan is to making the dish work. I used a shredded Italian cheese blend, but the mozzarella and other cheeses reduced the bite that it was clear the Parmesan was supposed to provide. It left the dish a little more bland than I would have liked, but with a good aged Parmesan, this would be absolutely delicious.