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Portland Reptile Expo, August 26th, 9-4

If you’ve ever been to a reptile expo, you know why you should be going, but if you haven’t, let me just say that it’s an experience that must be seen to be believed. The reptile show in Portland, Maine is a new one for me, although I’ve been attending the New England Reptile Expo twice a year for a couple of years now.

NE Reptile Expo

If you have any interest in cold-blooded creatures, or you have kids between the ages of 3-18, the reptile expo is a great place to go on a weekend. There are usually 50+ vendors, each with a wide variety of homegrown reptiles. The difference between buying a pet at a reptile expo and getting one in a pet store is roughly akin to that of visiting a charity bakesale thrown by the American Culinary Association versus buying pre-made cookies in a supermarket. Even if you’re not buying, you’ll see upwards of 100 different kinds of reptiles and amphibians at any given show, which is worth the price of admission itself.

Photo Credit: http://reptileexpo.com

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April Burial by Snow, Part I: 1030 hours

April Burial by Snow, Part I: 1030 hours
Those of us who reside in northern New England are slated to get buried in up to two feet of wet, sticky snow by tomorrow night. For those of you who don’t understand, or think two feet is ‘not much,’ I’d like to point out that this will not be light, fluffy, Western powder. It will be nasty, gross, snowblower-clogging shite that kills your back while you slowly scrape it away. Since we may not survive this one, I’ve decided to post a photo taken from my back door every hour until the storm ends or I can no longer open the back door. So here comes documented proof: T.S. Eliot wrote ‘April is the cruelest month,’ and he wasn’t kidding.

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