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How to build amazing fake rocks for your reptiles

BeardedDragon.org has this excellent article about constructing your own fake rocks for your beardies or other climbing lizards. The author takes you through step-by-step how to construct the fake rocks, and the pictures he has look amazing. The best part is that you only need the following things:

– 3 Polystyrene sheets, 4ft x 1ft-10″ at 2″ thick sheeting
– 1 Polystyrene sheet, 4ft x 1ft-10″ at 1″ thick sheeting
– Floor tile grout
– Poly-expandable foam
– “No Nails” for Polystyrene / or similar contact adhesive
– Appx. 500ml of water-resistant PVA (non-toxic children’s version)
– Paints (non-toxic acrylic paint)
– Plastic artists pallet knifes (6 piece set)
– ½” Paint Brush

That list is easily filled at a good hardware or art supply store, and for not a lot of money, especially when you consider that the end product rivals something that would cost $200 in a pet store.

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