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neverblog is now running on a Linode VPS

[simage=127,288,y,left,]Speed: sweet, glorious speed. That’s what you should find as you visit this site in the future, now that everything’s been moved over to a Linode Virtual Private Server. After checking out a colleague’s site that loads pretty much instantly, despite beingĀ  a similar WordPress blog, I decided to sign on with Linode and dump my current Dreamhost shared hosting. At the same time, I followed the same colleague’s suggestion to switch my web server from Apache to nginx. If you’re not familiar with nginx, and you’re hosting a site on which you control the web server, nginx is definitely worth a look as an alternative to Apache, since it’s lighter and faster (also, it seems that the program’s author is willing to work with users to improve functionality).

I was pretty happy with my Dreamhost shared hosting for a while, but this site has outgrown the limited resources that I had, and furthermore the actual physical host that Dreamhost had me on was getting quite old (and full o’ data). I tried a Dreamhost PS for the last week, and while it seems to be decently fast (although the preview PS has 2+GB of RAM), I’m a little ticked off by the pricing. When I was looking at the PS, it was listed as $15 a month for 300MB of RAM (not a bad deal). Once I signed up for the trial, however, the total cost was revealed as $15 plus the shared hosting fee I already pay ($10.95 a month). That brought the total to about $26 a month, a lot more than the $20 a month for the Linode VPS with 360MB of RAM. All in all, the last 4-5 hours of moving my sites over has been worth it, and Linode has been tip-top so far. I’ll post more on them as I continue to use their hosting, and post some articles about the configuration I’m running on the VPS.

Get your first year of Dreamhost hosting for $22

Using the code NINETYSEVEN, you can get $97 off of Dreamhost’s basic hosting plan for a year. This takes the cost down from over $100 to $22 for the first year of hosting. Not a bad deal. Also, check out this digg.com article which lists several additional Dreamhost promotional codes that can be entered, including a couple for 2 year subscriptions, etc.

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AWNB will soon live at dredgin.gs

After over a year of domain name non-eponymity (boo yeah, I got to use that in a sentence), Alcibiades Would Never Blog is getting a new, more appropriate, domain name: dredgin.gs. After much speculation and research, I determined that any combination involving the name Alcibiades should be avoided, since (news flash) apparently no one knows how to spell it. Additionally, greedy bastards have bought up alcibiades.com and neverblog.com, and are demanding a minimum of $699 for the latter, a mere $690.05 more than I am willing to pay. Plus, the experience of Zach over at NoSheep.net has shown me that a blog with a .net domain name can still thrive, especially if the equivalent .com is a wasteland of non-content. I plan on porting the site over to the new domain over the weekend, and am also switching hosting providers to Dreamhost, which should mean a much faster and more responsive load time for pages and better results with mySQL queries.

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