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TomTom randomly disconnects during update on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

When I went to update my TomTom XL to the latest version of the operating system, I ran into a problem where the update failed and the device was stuck at a blinking screen with a red X across it. I Googled the problem a bit, but didn’t really find any good solutions. This Apple forum was trying to solve the problem, so I applied the first two suggestions, but to no avail. Following the instructions on repairing a bricked device on TomTom’s site was similarly unsuccessful.

Then I started watching the TomTom every time I ran the update, and I noticed that the little hard drive icon would stop flashing before each disconnect, not the other way around. This led me to believe the problem started on the device. When I went into the Manage my device option in TomTom HOME, I noticed the device’s memory was nearly full.

I think the problem is that the TomTom update/map is larger (or at least requires more room during unpack) than the previous version of the OS or map. In my case, the problem was solved in the following way:

  • In TomTom HOME, choose More->Manage my device
  • Make sure you’re looking at Item on my device (not on the computer)
  • Navigate through and delete any unncessary files (in my case deleting extra downloaded voices was enough)
  • Go back to the HOME menu and choose Update my device

The update should finish. If it fails, check to see if it’s failed on a different file (that means it used more space, but still failed because it ran out), and delete more files. If your device is already bricked (like mine was), deleting the application itself (see screenshot below) couldn’t hurt (in fact, this might’ve been necessary for my OS update to successfully install).