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Repair missing Wireless 355 Bluetooth on Dell Inspiron with Windows 7

After upgrading my wife’s Dell Inspiron 1525 to Windows 7 this weekend, I discovered that the Bluetooth had stopped working. Downloading the driver from the Dell site did nothing, which was not too surprising considering that nothing was showing up in Device Manager.

After a little googling, I managed to stumble upon the solution in a Dell support article. Turns out if the Bluetooth is off during an upgrade, you need to run a small application to re-enable it. I ran the download (only 153KB) and Windows 7 found the Bluetooth and installed it automatically within a couple of seconds. Since I have the RTM earlier than most, I thought I’d share this info in case others have the same problem.

PC De-Crapifier makes darn good use of AutoIt 3

Anyone who works in the IT field (especially education) has had to, at one time or another, deal with the pesky crap that computer manufacturers ship out with the pre-installed version of Windows XP that comes standard. For those of us in higher ed, this means that, come September, a thousand brand-new desktops and laptops will arrive on campus, all chock-full of brand-new crap software just waiting to slow it down and block the installation of our McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i w/ePO solution. Fortunately, Jason York over at yorkspace.com has taken it upon himself to create an AutoIt script called the PC De-Crapifier that removes all the pre-installed Scheisse that comes on new Dell computers (although York has renamed the script with a more generic title, after Dell’s brand people contacted him). The script toasts the pesky McAfee Personal Firewall, Security Center, SpamKiller, and VirusScan Online trials, and offers you the chance to get rid of a bunch of other useless stuff. As a nice bonus, it automatically (if you choose) disables things like QuickTime from running on startup and sucking up valuable system resources. Given the nature and completeness of the script, I’d have to say Jason’s been there before, and hopefully, by using his script, we won’t have to be yet again this year. Mmmmmm….

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