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Save and share results from Chrome’s Developer Tools’ Network panel

Back in late February, Chrome got a new feature that allows users to export the contents of Developer Tools’ Network panel (where you can see each request and how long it takes, etc.). I happened on this by accident, mostly because I was blindly right-clicking on the sort bars in the hopes that they would somehow contain a magic option to save or export the data (they did!). If you right-click as indicated in the screenshot below, you’ll see the Export all to HAR option. It’s not exactly intuitive–once you choose that option, nothing actually happens (at least on my Mac), but the HAR data should now be copied and paste-able.

Once you have the data, you can save and share it by pasting it into a text file. To interpret the data later, you can use this online HAR viewer, which will expand the JSON that comprises the HAR file into the same visual, interactive graphs you’d see in Developer Tools. I had issues with the ‘Validation’ checkbox on the viewer site, but once I unchecked it, everything seemed to work fine. All in all, this is a really useful feature for me, as I often need to share performance data with colleagues in remote locations, and having an easy format for interchange that preserves the raw data (unlike my previous screenshot-sharing method) is invaluable.