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A little old-school chicken and dumplings

For my latest dinner creation, I decided to try some traditional comfort food: chicken and dumplings. There’s really nothing as satisfying on a cold winter day (we’ve had several recently) as a bowl of hot chicken soup, filled with some nice chewy dumplings to thicken the mixture.

I picked the simplest of the many chicken and dumpling recipes on Epicurious. The neat thing about making this recipe is that I realized how quick it is to make–less than an hour from start to finish. Once I added the dumplings, the chicken-broth based stock thickened right up, and the end result was a stew-like consistency, and absolutely filling and delicious. Given that there’s 1 3/4 cups of heavy cream in the dumplings, this isn’t exactly health food, but it’s certainly simple and wholesome.

One note: when the recipe calls for a ‘wide pot’ it’s not kidding; the dumplings expand a lot during cooking, and they’ll get stuck together into a hideous mass if there’s not enough room for them to float around separate from their fellow dumplings.