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The Bubblenator: Make people say stupid things

The following is a sponsored review of The Bubblenator, a website that allows you to put thought or speech bubbles on any picture on the web.

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When you first arrive at The Bubblenator site, it’s quite obvious that it’s a gimmick to drive traffic to the site online-casinos.com–heck, even the URL is based off that site. However, if you can ignore the fact that it’s clearly a page designed to create advertising for the online casino website, the bubblenator feature itself is pretty cool. You can put a thought or speech bubble anywhere in a picture that has a URL, then you can resize the bubble and add whatever text you want. All in all, it’s a pretty nifty way to waste time on an otherwise slow day.

Once you’ve got your picture all formatted, you can export the HTML for copying and pasting into your website, blog, etc. The good news is it’s all free; the bad news is the image modification is done with a Flash app hosted from the online-casinos site, so if the site goes down, so will your image. Also, there’s an annoying bit of code at the end that (surprise!) leads you back to the online-casinos site. Despite these limitations, The Bubblenator is definitely an interesting and fun way to waste some time. Of course, as an ad for online casinos, part of the point is wasted on those of us in the United States, where it’s illegal to gamble for real money (and stupid to gamble for fake money). Until those laws are changed, however, you can still take advantage of the completely unrelated, yet undeniably fun, Bubblenator.

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Happy cat

Socrates gets a mouse

We were standing out on my back porch this evening with our dogs and we heard a cat calling from the woods behind the house. When it came out of the woods in the semi-dark, it looked kind of like our neighbor’s cat, but as it grew nearer, we realized it was our cat Socrates, dangling a brown-and-white mouse from his jaws, while meowing loudly, something I never realized a cat could do with a mouse in its mouth. He then proceeded up the roof and into the 2nd story window we leave open for the cats, and started playing with the mouse. After I took this shot, he proceeded to throw the mouse at my fiancee’s foot while we were trying to shoot some video of him, and now she won’t stop whining about it.

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