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The Concord, NH BestBuy is a good example of why I usually shop online

[simage=146,288,y,left,]My wife and I went down to the Concord, NH BestBuy today (1/9/11) at around 6pm to exchange some Christmas gifts. There were about 15 employees working on the floor, but only one was at the checkout. About 12 others were ambling about, either talking on cell phones or in one case, congregating in a group around an employee riding an electric scooter around the store.

When it came time for us to check out, the line for the one clerk was about 10 people long, yet the other dozen employees continued to stand around talking. When I went over to customer service to ask if I could checkout there, we discovered a $10 price discrepancy on an item, which the clerk needed manager approval to correct. After the manager was paged twice, guess who finally showed up: the employee on the scooter!

Now, I have no problem with employees enjoying a little downtime, but the manager let his whole staff down and angered a lot of customers in line, because he felt it appropriate to to be driving a product around the store instead of listening to when he was paged by his staff. When I confronted the manager about the fact that we’d been waiting for 5 minutes while he rode around the store, he was rude and unapologetic, and told me the process of overriding was easy, and it was ‘no big deal’ that I’d had to wait for him to show up after his joyride. I really felt bad for the customer service rep, who was one of two people (along with the checkout cashier) really busting their butts to keep the store going while management goofed off in the back of the store.

One of the most positive things about BestBuy is its high-quality customer service, but this branch is a bad example for the chain. I’ll certainly never shop at this BestBuy again, and I’ll be looking elsewhere first for electronics from now on. More importantly, this is an example of why I usually shop online: because the prices are cheaper, and the service is better…which is sad, because its provided by a machine.