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Current foster dog: Liz Lemon

Our current foster dog is Liz Lemon, a ‘wolf hybrid’ (my guess is Husky mixed with maybe Greyhound) rescued from Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Liz is super-friendly with everyone, and has relatively short fur, all things considered. She’s got a pretty skinny frame, hence my suspicion that she’s part Greyhound. Liz is fostered by us for Almost Home Rescue, an organization that mostly brings dogs from high-kill Southern shelters to northern New England to be adopted. Their site is well-designed and you can view all their available dogs. If you’re interested in Liz in particular, you can go directly to her listing here.


California considering mandatory dog spaying law

Shelter DogsIn a move that has my favorite pet Nazis over at the AKC in a tizzy, California’s Senate is considering a mandatory dog spaying law that would impose a $500 fine on anyone not neutering or spaying their pet by 4 months of age. Calling the proposed legislation, which aims to curtail the almost 500,000 dogs and cats euthanized in California shelters every year for lack of space, an ‘anti-dog’ law, the hoity-toity AKC and its slimy collection of breeders is scrambling to protect itself against the rising tide of support for shelters and the dogs they hold.

Its 5,000 member clubs have organized a national letter-writing campaign, while the 122-year-old organization has formed its first ever political action committee to fight what it calls “anti-dog laws” in California and elsewhere.

“Should this bill become law, I fear it could be a catalyst for other states. As the old saying goes, ‘As California goes, so goes the nation,”’ AKC chairman Ron Menaker said in a letter to members.

Animal shelter workers testified in heartbreaking detail about killing litters of kittens and lovable dogs because there are just too many to place in homes. And minutes before the Assembly voted, several wavering lawmakers got a telephone call from Barker, a longtime advocate of fixing pets.

“I had to do what I could to help make it possible for every dog and cat to have a good home,” Barker said. “We desperately need it passed. The overpopulation is really tragic, and it’s not just in California — it’s all over the country.”

It’s pretty amazing that the AKC can stand up and protest against mandatory spaying, especially in light of their supposed pro-dog standpoint and the fact that there are obviously too many pets out there for the people that want them. Somehow, I suspect that the mongrel dogs that meet their demise within the walls of California’s shelters are not ‘real’ dogs in the eyes of many AKC members, since the concept of ‘dog’ only extends to $1,000-a-head, well-groomed purebreds. What makes this worse is that the law specifically will allow breeders who register to continue to breed their purebred dogs–but of course amateurs who decide to ‘breed’ a couple of animals to make a quick buck selling them in the local paper will now be criminals–so the AKC feels the need to defend these individuals’ ‘right’ to add to the overpopulation problem, at the expense of the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals.

The article does raise a good objection to the proposed law, however: it will be difficult to enforce and costly, probably costing more than it will bring in with fines and penalties. If only there were some way to demand a mandatory shelter walkthrough for anyone considering buying a dog from a breeder…if anyone is heartless enough not to be swayed by that, perhaps the dog they get would be better off in a shelter anyway.

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