Spicy Blackened Catfish

Today I tried something a little different in terms of meal planning. Instead of picking a recipe and getting things at the store, I just grabbed some catfish filets and left. Then I looked for a recipe that at least somewhat matched what I had in my kitchen, and I ended up with Spicy Blackened Catfish. The recipe’s pretty simply; basically, it’s just pan-fried catfish with a dry rub. Since I’ve got a pretty well-stocked spice rack, this recipe won out. I paired the catfish with some Near East Mushroom Rice Pilaf, because I feel it’s worth the 50 cents extra it costs compared to Rice-a-Roni. One note about the recipe: it tells you to ‘discard’ the garlic after using it to season the olive oil, which I think is both a travesty and a damn shame. So, instead of throwing it away, I put it aside and used it to top the filets, which ended up working out pretty well.


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