Find any cell phone in the world via GPS

satellite-phoneUtilizing the built-in emergency GPS locater found in most cell phones, this site can help you track down your cell phone (or someone else’s), assuming it is currently turned on. For those of us in the United States, the accuracy is within 25 meters (shouldn’t it say 80 feet???). This is a great service for people who have had their phone recently stolen / lost, as you can just find out where you left it from the site, then go search that 80 foot circle until the little critter appears. It’s a little frightening in terms of privacy, but with companies like Nextel offering GPS tracking for employee phones and the like, what is privacy these days anyway? Plus, you can confuse people this way too–just put the phone somewhere you’re not, and you’re good to go. It worked for Ahhhhnold in Total Recall.

As a side bonus, the site also has a good article entitled “Are you smart enough for a smart phone?

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