You have reached Alcibiades Would Never Blog from the campus of Plymouth State University or you have just clicked the disclaimer link on my page. This website is the personal work, opinions and rantings of Vasken Hauri, with the exception of the disclaimer, which was stolen from Zachary Tirrell at There is absolutely no relation between this site and Plymouth State University. This site is updated and maintained as a personal website. Consider your experience and the things you encounter here similar to what you might find in someone’s home. If you find material here insulting or offensive in any way, I suggest you leave. If you want to read the content, you do so under your own decision and not through any direct encouragement of Vasken Hauri.

And of course, in the words of the great Jello Biafra:

ladies and gentlemen
welcome to the disclaimer
that’s right the disclaimer

this american apple pie institution
known as parental discretion
will cleanse any sense of innuendo or sarcasm
from the lyrics that might actually make you think
and will also insult your intelligence at the same time

so protect your family
this album contains explicit depictions
of things which are real
these real things are commonly known as life
so if it sounds sarcastic don’t take it seriously
if it sounds dangerous
do not try this at home or at all
and if it offends you just don’t listen to it

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