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Dear David,

This is fun, and I’m pretty sure you and I are the only ones reading it….Thanks for mentioning the changes I’ve made to the theme. That being said, I’m firing back…I can’t resist.

So someone out there took exception to a bunch of things with my @thens WordPress theme. Rather than bringing them to my attention, even after I’d written a comment on his blog, the author of davidjmurray.org (Mr. Murray, I presume) decided to flame me about his concerns, rather than informing me of them in a way in which I could take steps to fix the theme. Thankfully, by flaming me, I was at least able to figure out what he wanted changed, and have done so in Version 1.1 of the theme. Now, the gentleman decided to ‘spam’ my comment to him, and proceeded to claim that there was ‘no documentation’ available on the theme. Now, as any wordpress user knows, the URL for the homepage of the theme is right there in the stylesheet. Mine’s no exception. So, besides proving an inability to read, Mr. Murray has demonstrated a quick temper and an inability to distinguish ‘tracking’ code from AdSense code.

Then, after I suggested that Mr. Murray was perhaps being a bit unfair in spamming my comment (does he understand the difference between ‘spam’ and ‘delete’???), since I had merely given him contact info to suggest any changes he might want made on the theme (apparently, he does), he announced on his blog that I considered it his problem to fix the theme. That’s not exactly true. I merely request (quite reasonably, I believe), that people either tell me what they don’t like, or fix it themselves. Passive-aggressively flaming something on your own blog does not quite meet either of those criteria, and most importantly, what does it accomplish? In fact, here’s the transcript of the comment that Mr. Murray ‘spammed.’ Note, hilariously, that Mr. Murray’s original post replying to my comment (as of 2pm) accuses me of using ‘the big sword’ of ‘blackmale,’ but that our spelling champ figured out that that was not only a typo, but also somewhat of an innuendo. Thankfully, Mr. Murray sees no shame in altering his reality to fit his preconceived notions, so by 3pm that ‘mistake’ was appropriately removed.

Original Quote

Wow, you’re not very nice, to say the least. If you had a problem with the theme, you should have told me. I made every effort to be friendly here, and yet you deleted my comment. Now, here’s the thing–if you don’t want ads, remove that code. The theme I modified (NFO Overload) has that same ad code in it, which I believe pays that guy–I’ll be removing it now, though, since it’s a valid criticism and I can see how, if you’re not really comfortable editing the code, you’d be frustrated by it. Now, I don’t know what you mean about documentation–the install instructions are on the page, and if you had any other questions, you could’ve asked on the blog–there is a comment page that I DON’T CENSOR like you do.
The javascript tracking code is GOOGLE ANALYTICS. It’s on pretty much every page on the web. Once again, this was a vestige from the version running on my site–it would report hits to your site as if they were to mine, I believe–thereby messing up my metrics, not yours–if you have a problem with it, remove it. The fact is, now that you’ve made these points, albeit in a really underhanded and immature way, I can change the theme to accommodate the criticism. I just don’t understand why you’d be so mad about this that you would flame me on your blog even after I made an effort to contact you and ask what you’d want changed. This is the second blog that adopted the theme–and as a side note, the other blogger seemed to be fine removing the things she didn’t want / need, as that’s how WordPress works. I’m open to any suggestions you might have to improve the theme, though, assuming you’re not just happier attacking other people’s creative efforts. You quickly hit on the major problems that I now recognize as the reasons more people haven’t adopted the theme, so now I can change them. As I am not as quick to jump on people as you are, I will wait on editing my article linking to your site to see if you are actually interested in improving the theme to work for your site, but if I don’t get any sort of response, I’m just going to post this comment up there, so the world can see it, even if you decide to censor it because you disagree.

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