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Where is my Windows Mobile 6.5 update, Verizon? Oh wait, I dug it up

If there’s one thing Apple understands, it’s marketing. Why would I lead a post about Windows Mobile 6.5 with this statement? Because if there’s one thing that’s holding back Windows Mobile as a viable operating system for smartphones, it’s the inability to announce important things and make updates and applications available to users. Take, for example, Microsoft’s late entry into app stores with the Mobile Marketplace–too little, and maybe too late.

Or, take the update for my HTC Ozone. I just found a link the recently-released update. Where did I find this? On HTC’s Twitter page, where it was available as a link. Not on HTC’s main page, as a news item, or even on the Microsoft 6.5 update site, which says that there is no planned date for its release. I haven’t checked Verizon yet, but it’s telling that this update isn’t hosted on a Verizon site. As long as Microsoft fails to properly inform its users about important updates, the iPhone and the Droid will all but eliminate Windows Mobile before the long awaited version 7 can arrive.