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I found a Moodle easter egg!

I’ve been spending the morning trying to get our copy of Moodle moved over to a new server. As I was debugging some files in the lib/ directory, I noticed a file called womenslib.php (all other files are named %lib.php, i.e. weblib.php). I decided it was worth a look-see, and here’s what I found in the file:


Maybe I’m wrong and this is linked somewhere, but it sure looks like an easter egg to me. Go Moodle devs!

Save the endangered Shoe Fox!

Residents in a small town in Germany are up in arms (ok, maybe I should rephrase that–they’re mad) about a local fox with a kleptomania problem. Apparently, the fox has stolen over 100 pairs of shoes from local residents, who have a tradition of leaving them outside to ‘air’ overnight. Now, the townspeople want Count Rudolf Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, who owns the land on which the fox’s burrow was finally discovered, to pursue and shoot the fox. The Count is having none of this, and a legal battle promises to ensue. Here’s the article from the LA Times:

A fox in Föhren, Germany, hasn’t quite reached Imelda Marcos’ level yet, but her collection of more than 120 shoes certainly counts as excessive for an animal that doesn’t even wear shoes.

More than a year ago, residents of the small western German town began reporting that the shoes and boots they left on their doorsteps had gone missing. The identity of the shoe thief has been a mystery until recently, when a forestry worker found a stockpile of shoes in a fox’s den in woods near Föhren.

It’s unclear just what about the shoes holds such appeal for the fox, who’s believed to be a female with pups. One theory, given added weight because many of the newly located shoes have bite marks on the shoelaces, is that she intended the shoes to serve as toys for her pups.

“We found 86 shoes in the den and a further 32 in a nearby quarry where they like to play. That includes 12 or 13 matching pairs of shoes,” Rudolf Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, the local count, told the German news source Spiegel Online. Count von Kesselstatt had the found footwear laid out in his palace and invited the townspeople to come and reclaim their lost shoes and boots.

The count noted that, even after word spread of the fox’s thieving ways, more shoes had gone missing in the days before his Spiegel interview. Though he suspects she has more shoes tucked away in her den, neither he nor the people of Föhren seem inclined to disturb her by going in to retrieve them. Taking a common-sense approach to the situation, he simply said, “People should simply make sure they take their shoes in at night.”

Föhren residents haven’t yet given the fox a name, but Spiegel kindly pitched in with a suggestion — naturally, it’s Imelda.


Granite State of Mind

If you live in New Hampshire, you’ve probably already seen this, and if you don’t, it might not make much sense, but this parody of Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind’ captures the essence of the Granite State–right down to the two people singing it. Because of a couple of swears and, err, accurate observations about the state, it might not be super-safe for work viewing.

Does this seem foolish to anyone?

Virgin America, the latest entry into the discount airline fray, has an option for seat upgrades called “Main Cabin Select.” For a fee, you can upgrade to either the bulkhead row or the emergency exit row. See, Virgin America noticed that there was more legroom in those seats, and instead of just giving it to people who are lucky enough to get those seats, they’re charging a premium. Now, as part of that premium, you do get complimentary food and adult beverages. And that’s where it gets a little scary. Let’s recap:

  1. In order to be seated in an exit row, you have to pay extra money to do so. Statistically, older folks with more disposable income and/or folks with circulatory problems tend to see the value (and therefore pay) for such legroom upgrades. So, there’s a good chance that the person sitting on your Virgin America flight in the exit row is old or has poor circulation.
  2. Those folks in that exit row also paid good money for their complimentary food and drink, so they’re probably going to want to get their money’s worth.

That means, if something does actually happen and you need to leave the plane in an emergency fashion, chances are good that the person you’re counting on to open the door will be old, overweight, full of food, and drunk. Sounds like someone should have thought this out a little better…

In all seriousness, though, how will Virgin America deal with the situation where someone pays extra for “Main Cabin Select” but is unable to fulfill the duties of the exit row? You know someone will buy that seat without checking sooner or later.

I knew it! AOL hires the undead…

Here it is, courtesy of the Unofficial Apple Weblog’s job-posting page: clear, incontrovertible evidence that AOL hires the undead to work at their company. Why else would they specify ‘living interns’ as opposed to standard (i.e. undead) ‘interns’ This goes a long way towards confirming what many customers have always suspected, and towards explaining why those customers get the kind of service that they do. On the other hand, does this mean AOL is a market leader in the progressive movement to gainfully employ the undead?


Canadians making fun of Americans? What’s that, eh?

Now, Canada is most popularly known for its friendly, if sparse, populace and its amazing ability to build major cities out of igloos. However, if you dig deep enough, there is some comedy there too. In fact, there’s a great political satire show called ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ that includes an occasional segment called ‘Talking to Americans.’ Basically, the host interviews people ‘down South’ about things like the mayor of Toronto’s insistence on perpetuating the clubbing of Ontario’s seal population to see just how riled up they can get about things that are ludicrously untrue (you might think they pick on the weak, but one of the people horrified by the murder of land-locked seals was, in all honesty, a Harvard graduate student in marine biology). They did a one-hour special once the segment started to take off, and I’ve included the first part here. You can look for the rest on YouTube if you’re interested.